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ACODOR fire door supplier and manufacturer based AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA
to become the fastest growing steel fire door manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Door Solution.
By recognizing the importance and convenience of having easy access to multiple door services,
we became specialized by offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high quality
Fire rated steel Door CBRI Certified, fire rated partition, Fire rated Glazed door, Fire shaft door, Electric duct door, Plumbing duct Door,  Industrial Doors, Access panels, Trap Door, Shaft Door, Duct Door,
Clean Room Doors, custom-made Scientific door, Laboratory doors, Chemical doors, Hospitals doors and
Airport Doors (ARFF). ACODOR is ISO 9001:2015 certified company to ensure quality and
durability of it’s operation and product.

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Are you looking for industry's best fire rate doors ?

Acodor is answer for this. We are India's leading industry door manufacturer and supplier in India and Globe. We manufacture door in Ahmedabad and We do Fire Rated Door Supplier in Dubai and UAE.

We believe in customer satisfaction and quality product delivery. Our aim to build strong long term relationship with client and serve the through out life.

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We have some variety of products with world class technology.

glazed fire door

Fire Rated Door & Fire Glazed Doors

Fire Proof Steel Doors

Fire can causes destruction to life, property and the environment. Now day’s protection from fire is most important aspect considering some of fire outbreak in busy place. To minimize the damage or accident, premium quality ACODOR Make Fire Doors are crucial importance to any construction building. Our Doors are Tested and certified to comply with IS : 3614 Part II and BS : 476 Part 22 Standards they are available with fire rating for 60 and 120 minutes. Acodor doors is  complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems and  also ensure optimal personal safety.

Fire Rated Glazed Doors
  • ACODOR has launched Glazed Fire Doors System with MS & SS Frame in India.
  • These come to you as complete “Door Systems” which means the glass is provided along with complete framing. These “systems” are tested in reputed laboratories to ensure that they conform to the highest standards.
  • Where previously dark, solid fire walls were the only option to segregate escape routes, common areas and staircases, ACODOR are able to offer you a stunning slim-line Mild steel & Stainless steel framed for fire rated glass doors.
  • Our minimal welded steel frames offer outstanding performance for fire resistance and smoke control providing the perfect solution for modern office buildings, schools and hospitals, where aesthetics and the ability to meet stringent building regulations must go hand in hand.
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HMPS – Hollow Metal Pressed Door

ACODOR is well known brand for Hollow Metal Pressed Doors (HMPS) in India. ACODOR is manufacturing and supplying of Hollow Metal Pressed Doors in India and UAE. All ACODOR doors are constructed to meet the most rigid architectural demands.

HMPS Feature:
  • Low Cost
  • Free From Pests and Termites
  • Safety from Burglars
  • Protection from Atmospheric conditions
  • Easy to install
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Clean Room Door

We manufacture Clean Room Door in swing out or horizontal sliding doors with manual, automatic or semiautomatics.

ACODOR Pharmaceutical door panels are assemble with the same of the wall system.


Feature of Clean Room Doors –
  • Our clean room door are fully flush surfaces with wall system
  • A large variety of swing out pharmaceutical doors
  • Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic sliding doors
  • Door hardware by World market leading manufacturer
  • Custom dimension available
  • Heavy duty structure for high durability
  • Full compatibility with drywell partition
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Sliding Door and Lea Line Door

ACODOR has wide range of automatic Sliding door to meet all types of industrial requirements. Our Sliding Doors / Lea Line Doors are well-developed and perfectly harmonized. They set new benchmark in terms of safety, durability, opening comfort and noise-free operation.

  • Designed specifically to close larger opening dimension
  • Perfect solution for wide and extra-large door opening
  • In house deign and product manufacturing to suit customized requirement
  • Optionally with Top Track & Bottom track for smooth operation
  • Wide range of different appearance as double skin insulated panels and single skin also
  • Insulation options, such as Polyurethane Foam (PUF), Honeycomb, Glass Wool and Rock Wool interlocking facility available between two doors
  • Customized Applications: Manual, Automatic, Interlocking, Hematic Sealed, Lead Lined
  • Excellent resistance to most disinfectants, solvent and other strong chemical including H2O2
  • Wide range of factory fitted hardware, vison panels, and door protection
  • Naturally Enviormentally-Friendly: Long life expectancy
  • Low Life Cycle Cost
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Stainless Steel Flush Door

ACODOR manufactured Stainless Steel Flush Doors in India and one of leading supplier for Stainless Steel Flush doors in India, UAE, and Dubai.

ACODOR Stainless Steel Flush doors give architects designers a sleek aesthetic option to satisfy today’s style preferences. Not only used for its beauty, stainless steel is ideal for clean room environments and areas susceptible to moisture.


  • High Style Architectural environments
  • Commercial or institutional projects
  • Food Processing
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Exterior in Coastal areas
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Research Laboratories
  • Chemical Plants
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Office Doors and Residential doors

ACODOR manufactured one of best in Office Doors and Residential doors in India. Our office doors, Residential doors and entrance doors are specially designed to give aesthetic look as well as safety to all entrance.

Our doors are made of steel, they present a host of advantages over their wooden counterparts. These doors, enhanced by steel’s robust natural strength and safety, are unaffected by termites, moisture and maintenance.

  • Zero maintenance
  • Customized Design Options
  • Sound Proof
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Trap Door – Fire Rated and Non Fire Rated

ACODOR is industry’s one of leading Trap Door manufacturer in India and Trap Door Supplier in India and UAE. ACODOR provide two type of Trap Door such as

  • Fire Rated Trap Doors
  • Non Fired Rated Doors

ACODOR Traps Doors are high class in metal and MDF face options. We have supplied more than 300 Access Panels and hatches to all parts of India. We have supplied more than 500 trap doors to Civil hospitals and Zydus Hospital.

  • Precise Designing
  • High Strength
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Gypsum Board Access Panel

ACODOR is leading manufacturer for Gypsum Board Access Panel for industrial and commercial usage. Our Gypsum Board Access Panels are developed to provide efficient and secure access to install application in wall or ceilings of industrial building, Commercial Complexes, Offices, School, Hospital or Residential building.


Inner Frame: High Quality Extruded Aluminum Alloy

Out Frame: High Quality Extruded Aluminum Alloy

With Gypsum Board

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Are you looking for industry’s best fire rate doors ?

Acodor is answer for this. We are India’s leading industry door manufacturer and supplier in India and Globe. We manufacture door in Ahmedabad and We do Fire Rated Door Supplier in Dubai and UAE.

We believe in customer satisfaction and quality product delivery. Our aim to build strong long term relationship with client and serve the through out life.

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