HMPS – Hollow Metal Pressed Door

From Acodor

Hollow Metal Pressed Door ( HMPS) Manufacturer and Supplier

ACODOR is well known brand for Hollow Metal Pressed Doors (HMPS) in India. ACODOR is manufacturing and supplying of Hollow Metal Pressed Doors in India and UAE. All ACODOR doors are constructed to meet the most rigid architectural demands.

ACODOR manufactured HMPS Doors with rust resistant galvanized steel, doors are available in 20 gauges, 18 gauge and 16 gauge. Our HMPS Doors are made with high density honeycomb core, laminated under pressure along with interlocking lock seam edges which ensure durability.

HMPS Feature:

  • Low Cost
  • Free From Pests and Termites
  • Safety from Burglars
  • Protection from Atmospheric conditions
  • Easy to install

HMPS Application:

  • Defense Housing Projects
  • Sanitation Projects
  • Economical Government Projects
  • Site Office
  • Prefab Housing
  • Temporary Housing Structure
  • Highway Projects