Stainless Steel Flush Door

From Acodor

ACODOR manufactured Stainless Steel Flush Doors in India and one of leading supplier for Stainless Steel Flush doors in India, UAE, and Dubai.

ACODOR Stainless Steel Flush doors give architects designers a sleek aesthetic option to satisfy today’s style preferences. Not only used for its beauty, stainless steel is ideal for clean room environments and areas susceptible to moisture.

ACODOR Stainless steel flush doors also provide significant safely and security. The complete, high-quality stainless steel door and frame system is ideal for commercial, institutional, and high design environments.


  • High Style Architectural environments
  • Commercial or institutional projects
  • Food Processing
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Exterior in Coastal areas
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Research Laboratories
  • Chemical Plants


  • Provides easy maintenance and long-term strength and durability.
  • Water tight/sanitary design
  • Continuously seamless welded door edge (key for corrosive environments) and seamless top and bottom option.