Wooden Finish Door Manufacturer and Supplier

Acodor brought one of exclusive Wooden Finish Door for all industry and home usages. Our Wooden Finish doors are manufactured as per Industry Standard and quality.

Any Finishing of door is necessary for protection of the surface of wood. Without finish, a wood can dry, crack or deteriorate. If it is exposed to moisture, door and window doors may swell and do not operate smoothly.

Acodor Wooden Finish doors are prevents swelling or cracking. It protects door from stains and enhances the appearance of the wooden door. To avoid weakening and ageing of door, wooden door should be coated with any type of finishing material.


  • Precisely designed
  • Light weight
  • Finger-tip control to open and close doors of any size with the utmost ease from a single push-button switch or a radio remote control transmitter
  • Adequate safety features
  • Our drives have weight carrying capacity until 2000Kgs
  • Powder coated finish
  • Remote control handset

Technical Specification

Technical Specification



Wooden finish door Wall rolling Shutters

Door Dimension

Width Min. /Max.


Height Min. /Max.

Max. Area 18.0Sqm

Opening Dimension


Mounting Location


Mounting Surface

Concrete, Steel

Opening/Closing Speed

0.05m-0.2 m/sec

Wind Resistance

Up to 90 km/hr

Door Structure

Slat Material

Non Insulated Double Wall Aluminum profiled Slats

Slat Profile

Corrugation profile

Bottom Profile

Aluminum profile with Bottom Rubber sealing

Side Guide Profile

Aluminum profile with Rubber inserts on both ends.

Roller Shaft

  • M.S Tubular Pipe with flanges & machined shaft at the ends.
  • Pipe dia-100 to 300mm, as per the opening dimension.

Side Brackets

M.S plate 3mm to 10mm,as per the opening dimension

Surface Finish

  • Standard Off White Color
  • Special Color on request

Details for Automation System

Control Type

Deadman/Pulse Control

Drive Type

In Direct /Direct Connecting Drive

Drive Unit

Electric Motor(Imported Make) Single Phase/Three Phase

Emergency Operation

Manual operation by Hand chain

Options Available

  • Perforation In Slat profile
  • Rolling Grill
  • Wicket Door for pedestrian entry

*can be integrated with advanced control

Operational Accessories

  • Additional Push Button
  • Remote Control with receiver
  • Pull Cord Switch

Safety Accessories

  • Flashing Light
  • Safety Photocell
  • Electronic Safety Edge



CE VDE checked

Protection Class